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Why BrandtWorks?

BrandtWorks came to life when we shipped our first mirror out of a two-car garage in a neighborhood just north of  Saint Louis Missouri.  Since 2014 we have shipped thousands of mirrors nationwide.

We are proud of our simple roots, the team remains dedicated to our prusuit of the All-American Dream "to be free to innovate"

Rachel Smith 



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Decorative Mirrors for Everyday Life Style 

Mirror Types

What Makes Us The Best

BrandtWorks offers a convenient wholesale program for commercial projects, renovations and new builds. Bulk framed mirrors shipped direct from Saint Louis, Missouri. Assembled in the United States, covered with a manufacturer warranty of quality materials & craftsmanship.

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American Made Quality

Each mirror is made to order in the USA and covered with a manufacture warranty of quality craftsmanship.

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Fast Lead Times

No waiting on shipping containers with 80% of our inventory Made in the US. Bulk orders can ship in 1-2 weeks depending on order quantity and stock.

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Quick Quotes

Get a quote in 24-48 hours via email or by phone.

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Payment Terms

Applying for credit can be quick with credit references or prepay for easy order processing.

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Nationwide Shipping

Nationwide LTL carrier partnerships allow for 1-5 day transit options.

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Customized Options

Custom mirror size options available. Ask for a custom quote today.


Design & Custom Sizing - Order Management - Shipping - Customer Service - Wholesale Pricing

Full Service Team

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