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Enhance your living space with our luxurious 3-inch sloped-frame Dashboard Burl Mirror, featuring a substantial 1.25-inch molding depth. This mirror embodies the essence of custom framing and design excellence.The frame, adorned with the rich and elegant Dashboard Burl finish, exudes sophistication and timeless appeal, making it an ideal addition to various settings, whether in a home or business environment.We take great pride in delivering a product that not only offers aesthetic beauty but also exceptional durability. Crafted with meticulous care and precision, this mirror showcases the highest level of American craftsmanship, guaranteeing its prominence in your home decor.Whether you seek to elevate your vanity area with a touch of luxury or desire a striking wall addition, the Dashboard Burl Framed Mirror, with its 3-inch sloped frame and substantial 1.25-inch molding depth, stands as the perfect choice. With custom framing and undeniable charm, it distinguishes itself as a standout feature, reflecting your style and taste. Elevate your decor with this exceptional piece and experience the profound impact that American-made quality can bring to your home.


  • MDF


  • Frame width: 3 inches
  • Frame depth: 1.25 inches

Decorating with Mirrors

Mirrors are versatile home decor pieces that can be used to reflect and enhance natural light, create the illusion of space in small rooms, and ultimately add new dimensions to your space. Aside from their functional appeal, mirrors also come in a variety of shapes, designs, and configurations, which make them a must-have in any home decor scheme.Transform a bare wall with a collection of mirrors in different finishes, sizes, and design styles. This is also a great way to cover up wall imperfections. Hang mirrors at different heights and blend framed styles to intrigue the eye.� Lean a few mirrors against the wall to evoke a curated design scheme that's always evolving.Add interest to the wall behind the sofa with a horizontal mirror. If the mirror faces a window to reflect natural light, that's even better!We love a good wallpaper pattern, but sometimes it's nice to change things up. Whereas artwork would clash and take away from the wallpaper, a mirror does just the opposite by providing a clean slate. Keep things simple with a square-framed mirror .Use mirrors to create a fun makeshift headboard for your bed. The above mirror has a more traditional approach, but you can tailor your mirror headboard to be as extravagant as you like. Choose a rectangular mirror with a vibrant frame or opt for a wood-framed design to match your bed frame's wood tone.

Dashboard Burl Mirror - # M140

SKU: M140
Color: Brown

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