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This is BrandtWorks, a Small Business

Brandtworks has wholeheartedly delivered top-quality American-made mirrors to cherished customers for almost a decade. Our mirror collection is diverse, encompassing various styles such as bathroom, full length, vanity, floor, trifold, freestanding, oversized, dressing, wall, decorative, hotel, apartment, and salon framed mirrors.

Our commitment goes beyond product excellence. We firmly believe in local manufacturing to reduce our carbon footprint. By sourcing materials locally and supporting community suppliers, we boost the local economy and foster a greener planet, aligning with our values of responsibility and sustainability.

Our dedication to making mirrors in the USA mirrors our commitment to serving customers with care. We deeply embed top-quality standards in our business philosophy while minimizing our environmental impact. At Brandtworks, we proudly offer mirrors promising excellence and a greener, more sustainable future.

5 Reasons Why Supporting Small Businesses in the US Strengthens Our Economy and Our Community

  1. Small business owners embody American determination and ambition, risking life savings to build a business.

  2. We admire stories of corporate giants starting small, although many small businesses don’t grow significantly.

  3. Americans root for underdog small businesses, aware of owners’ hard work and competition with deep-pocketed rivals.

  4. Small business owners are seen as ethical, in contrast to large corporation CEOs, per the Public Affairs Council.

  5. Small businesses are seen as central to the middle-class lifestyle, chosen by 51% of Americans, surpassing unions, corporations, and the government.

Thank YOU for Supporting Small Businesses like BrandtWorks!

A substantial number of Americans view small business owners as the driving force behind employment in the United States. In a July 2012 survey conducted by Rasmussen, a noteworthy 57 percent of American voters expressed the belief that small business owners play a more significant role in job creation and economic growth compared to both large corporations and the government.


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